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For general information or to submit an application, you may contact the Arbitration and Adjudication Commission by telephone, fax, email or regular mail.

Please ensure requests for the appointment of conciliators, arbitrators and adjudicators are sent via email to

If you would like documents from this site in an alternative format or in French, please contact us and we will work with you to get you the requested format.

Mail to: Ontario Police Arbitration and Adjudication Commission
25 Grosvenor Street, 15th Floor
Toronto ON M7A 1Y6

If you are mailing documents to OPAAC, please confirm receipt via email to the OPAAC inbox;

Business Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Telephone: 416-314-3520, toll free 1-866-517-0571
Fax: 416-314-3522
TTY: 416-326-5511, toll free 1-866-517-0572

Translation Policy

Awards and decisions will be released in the language of the hearing. However, these documents will be translated in French or English at the request of a party to the proceedings, or at the discretion of the Arbitration and Adjudication Commission upon request from a member of the public. Awards and decisions relating to hearings where the clients have participated in both English and French will be released in both languages simultaneously.

Complaints Policy

OPAAC Complaints Process (PDF)

Law Enforcement Complaints Agency (LECA) is responsible for receiving, managing and overseeing public complaints about misconduct of the following:

  1. All municipal, regional, and provincial (OPP) police officers;
  2. Special Constables employed by the Niagara Parks Commission;
  3. Peace Officers in the Legislative Protective Service; and
  4. First Nations police officers if the police service opts into the Community Safety and Policing Act (CSPA).

As an independent civilian oversight agency, the LECA ensures all public complaints against the police are dealt with in a manner that is transparent, effective and fair.

Accessibility Policy and Multi-Year Plan

For more information about our commitment to providing services to persons with disabilities, you may view the Ontario Police Arbitration and Adjudication Commission Customer Service Policy by clicking on the link below.

OPAAC Accessibility Policy – Customer Service Standard (PDF)

2024-29 Multi Year Plan and Policies (PDF)