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Section 40 Rights

Severance issues arising from the abolition or reduction of a police force.

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Classification Award # Award Date Arbitrator Municipality
Pensions   Disbandment of force - Award required that member receive same pensionable service under OPP plan - Board obligated to pay all pension contribution costs resulting from higher OPP salary received by member post-transfer - Supplementary award.
See Also: Disbandment, Pensions, Severance
Download PDF file 21-009 11/05/2021 Kaplan, W Orangeville
Pensions   - Uniform members - Disbandment - Acting Sergeant transferred to OPP as Senior Constable - Loss of contribution holiday with Employer pension plan partially offset by higher salary earned with OPP - Grievor awarded difference between salary increase and increased pension contributions. Section 40
See Also: Disbandment, Pensions, Remedies, Rank
Download PDF file 02-019 11/27/2002 McLaren, R. Meaford-Thornbury
Pensions   Section 40 arbitration – In assessing pension loss Board liable for amount its contribution would have been, but for OMERS contribution holiday – Supplementary award.
See Also: Pensions, Severance Pay, Supplementary Awards
Download PDF file 00-006 04/18/2000 Knopf, P. Kingsville

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