The Arbitration Process for Rights Disputes

If the parties are unable to resolve their differences in conciliation and they are unable to agree to an arbitrator or chair of a board of arbitration, either party may request the Solicitor General to appoint an arbitrator under section 124 of the Police Services Act. Provision for Ontario Provincial Police rights grievances is set out under section 27 of the Public Service Act.

Method of Arbitration

Conventional arbitration is used in rights disputes. After hearing arguments presented by the parties the arbitrator will make a final and binding decision based on the evidence produced.

Time for Hearing

The first day of hearing must be within 30 days after the appointment of the arbitrator, unless the parties agree to extend this time frame.

Time for Decision

The decision should be rendered within a reasonable time after the last day of hearing.

Remuneration and Expenses

The parties bear their own costs of the proceedings but the fees of the arbitrator or chair, appointed by the Solicitor General, are fixed and paid by the Arbitration Commission.

Rights Dispute Arbitration Application Form (PDF)

Filing of Awards and Decisions

The arbitrator or chair of a board of arbitration must file a copy of the decision or award with the Arbitration Commission.